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Apple TV (2nd Generation) is missing one big feature

I really do like my Apple TV, it’s just amazing how capable this little gadget is. But it could do a lot more with little effort. There is one thing that really bugs me: You are not able to log in to your flickr account, which means you are not able to view any photos on flickr which are not publicly visible. Viewing my cloud-stored photos on the big screen was one of the main reasons why I bought an Apple TV.
The only official way to get this fixed is requesting Apple to enhance the new Apple TV. So please file enhancement requests using the online Apple TV Feedback form: if you also would like to view your private photos on flickr using your Apple TV (2G).

A solution to WebException trouble with .NET Compact Framework

I spent almost half a day to find a solution to a problem I had developing a little Windows Mobile application at work. This app downloads a CAB file via HTTP to install it on the device. I am using HttpWebRequest and Response classes from the .NET Compact Framework to do the download and it worked fine as long as I downloaded the file from server in our company’s network. As soon as I tried to download the file from a server on the internet which requires to use our company’s web proxy I got WebExceptions (ServerProtocolViolation: “The response did not contain an end of entity mark.”) whenever the getResponse is called on the HttpWebRequest.

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TrailRunner – Cool GPS track planning tool for Mac OS X

I just discovered a cool GPS track editing and planning tool for Mac OS X, it’s called TrailRunner ( Have been playing with just for an hour trying to plan a hiking tour for 1st of May and are quite amazed how many features are included and how well it is designed.
It has integrated several online map services (Google, Openstreetmap, Bing, …) to show your tracks on road maps, terrain maps and satellite or aerial photos.

Edit table cell in iwork 08 numbers

There was one thing driving me nuts working with the Apple spreadsheet application Numbers, which was introduced with iwork 08. It’s trying to edit a table cell without using the mouse. When you worked with Excel before, you are used to just press F2. But I couldn’t find a keyboard shortcut to do same in Numbers. But there is one, although it was hard to find in the documentation:
Press Option (Alt) + Return to edit the value of a selected cell without having to use the mouse to click the cell.

Just a quick test posting from my iPhone

I just downloaded the new wordpress iPhone App and am really curious if and how it’s working. So I started right away writing this little post.
So far I am quite impressed how easy and straight forward it was to get the app configured and the first few lines online.
I try to do a little more by adding a photo I took during our Norway holiday this June right from my iPhone’s library.

Cool Web 2.0 Personal Homepage

Something very cool I discovered lately is the personalizable homepage provided by, it features a fully customizable online portal and is using the latest web technologies (Web 2.0, AJAX). Included is a really good online RSS-reader and your netvibes homepage can be used anywhere, since you can create an account and store your netvibes setup to access your homepage from different computers.

WordPress and Photopress with PermaLinks

Since I want every thing nice and goog looking, I definitely want to use the Permalink feature for both WordPress and the PhotoPress albums. Configuring Permalinks for WordPress is no big deal, because you only have to specify the structure of the generated links using the blog’s admin tool under Options -> Permalinks. WordPress can create the needed rewrite rules to make the links function and store them in the .htaccess file in your blog’s root folder if this file is writable for the Webserver. Continue reading