Why I won’t buy Apple Watch Series 2

I really was excited hearing about the new features of Apple Watch Series 2, but after some thinking I came to the conclusion that I am not going to buy it. 

Performance, I am currently running watchOS 3 Beta on my original stainless steel Apple Watch. Since upgrading to watchOS 3 performance is fine and no longer unbearable. 

GPS, when I go running, walking or biking I normally do have my iPhone with me, because I want to listen to podcasts or be able to take photos. Thus I have GPS tethered from the iPhone. The iOS 10 Activity app is showing GPS tracks for these workouts even with the original Apple Watch.

Waterproofing, I already wore my original Apple Watch while swimming and can’t complain about its waterproofing. Swim workouts are rare for me and do not justify spending that much money. 

The looks, I really like my stainless steel Watch and would feel downgraded if I would “only” buy the aluminum Series 2. Also the Series 2 is about one millimeter thicker than the original one. Going from 10.5 to 11.4 is a 9% increase in thickness. I formerly was a slim line watch guy, adding another millimeter in thickness, is not what I want of a new Apple Watch. 

So I will happily use my original Apple Watch with watchOS 3, keep my Milanese Loop and Nylon bands (royal blue/gold and black) probably add one of the new Nylon bands (Toasted Coffee/Caramel looks good) and wait what Series 3 might bring. I hope it will add a barometer to count flights of stairs and altitude for workouts like bike rides and mountain hiking.

Though having the extended brightness of the Series 2, is definitely one of my main desires for an Apple Watch update. Again, let’s wait and probably spend that money on a new iPhone, with a great camera, my other obsession 😉

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