iPhone X Review

One week with the iPhone of the future – today.

Updated Nov 21st 2017 – some changes and additions, added chapter about Apple Leather Case

The iPhone X uses a completely new OLED display that is covering almost all of the front of the device, has a beautiful new stainless steel frame, a glass back and with FaceID a killer feature. Read in my review what I think of this iPhone that Apple is touting as the future of iPhone available today.

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Force quit of an iPhone app on OS 3.0

So far I was lucky not to need this function but suddenly this morning Safari on my iPhone 3 GS did not load any page anymore. Even stopping Safari going back to the homescreen and restarting Safari did not help. All other apps loading data from the net were working properly, only Safari was unable to load any data.
Looking for a solution to this problem without having to restart the iPhone, I found a blog post explaining how to kill apps on iPhone OS 3.0, it’s quite simple if you know how:
Press the standby/power button until the “switch off” slider appears.
Then hold the Home button until the homescreen comes up.
That’s it. If you restart Safari now you are back where you were before it started misbehaving.

How to take iPhone screenshots

Recently I was surprised that I have some screenshots of my iPhone in my photo gallery on the phone. Now I learned that it is really easy to take screenshots with your iPhone at any time:
Just hold the Home button pressed and then press the standby button. That’s it! The screenshot will be saved in your photo gallery immediately.
I added an example shot of the calculator on my 3GS, which I took just a few minutes ago.